Why Us

What is Pain Muzik? That's the sound that enlightens you with Powerful Artistic Influential Noise better known as P.A.I.N. Muzik! A feeling of triggered emotions felt through the concept of our musical productions. Our music and instrumentals come in a variety of genres and are fully composed mp3/wav/aiff files ready to be used in your home recording studio or at a professional recording studio; all you have to do is add your unique vocals to them! If you are looking for true 100% exclusive beats look no further! We believe in making our beats to one buyer only, which means you’re getting a beat that has never been leased or used by anyone else. Yes, you will have full possession, full liberty to do whatever you want with our instrumentals, and not have to worry about anyone else having access to it ever. Once any beat is purchased it will be marked as *SOLD* with or without your info on our player forever. Our Trackout Stem Exclusives range from $125 +up a small investment but they will give you the most value, ownership, and options for your next big hit release. Includes: full exclusive rights, wav/aiff stem trackouts, you can change/edit the beat’s composition the way you want to, also reformat the structure of the beat, in our opinion, since you are buying the beat outright, you deserve to change it exactly however you want too. So that’s just a few reasons why you should give us a chance on your next big hit...

Other services we offer online: Artist Collaboration, Song Writing, Mixing, Mastering, Vocal Editing, Video Editing, Graphic-Web Design, and for an in-person Recording Studio Session experience are only offered to the surrounding Houston, Texas area.


  • Analog Mixing

  • .

  • Booking - Pricing & Licensing

Analog Mixing

True Analog Mixing™

We are proud to use Harrison's world-renowned consol for a vintage feel.

Harrison 32C is a full-featured digital-analog workstation with a 5th Generation “True Analog Mixing Engine” a great combination of Harrison’s worlds renowned sound. This gives us the method to mix faster and sound better! You will instantly hear the difference in our mixes and feel the true power of our sound. The Harrison 32C shapes your mixes with the same colorfully smooth EQ used on Thriller, it also polishes lead vocals with silky analog texture and expertly sculpts anything to sit in a mix. 


True Mixing Services
$45 +Up
  • 2 Track with Vox Stems
    Special $45
  • Complete Project Mixing
    16-48 Tracks $65 +Up
    Added fee of $3 per Stems
  • We will level the balance and dynamics of the track for the mastering stage.
  • Add need EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, Pitch Correction and EFX to crisp up the song.
  • [2] Revision Included
    Delivery Within (48Hrs)
Harrison32C Mastering
$24 Single Song
  • WAV or AIFF File Mixed Support MP3 file not recommended
  • 1.) Pick You're Intensity Energy Levels: Low / Med / High
  • 2.) Choose You're EQ Range: Warm / Neutral / Bright / Airy
  • 3.) We'll digitally master up levels, with light comp and EQ.
  • 4.) Normalize the final song with Harrison 32C True Analog Sound!!
  • Delivery Within (24hrs)
    [1] Revision Included
Studio or Mobile Sessions
2hrs +Up
  • Please checkout our Recording Session section for more info before booking
  • Artist grab your mask, sanitize your hands and let's make some big hits!!
  • Record You're Vocals in Our Home Studio based in
    H-Town aka Houston, Texas
  • Rates vary based on the project’s needs and timescale
  • Includes: vocal arrangement, harmonic arrangement, pitch correction and project guidance!
  • Please get in touch with us for a quote based on your projects requirements.
Trackout Beat Exclusives
$125 +Up
  • *Note* No Price For Beat? Click Request Custom & Make An Offer For that Beat!!
  • Full Trackout Stem Files Placed Inside A Zip FIle
    WAV or AIFF Formated
  • Full Exclusive Ownership Rights
  • As Is Exclusive
    $25 - $65
  • No Trackouts included
    MP3 192kbps - 320kbps File
  • All Purchased Beats Are Marked *SOLD* (With or Without) Owners Info
Graphics - Video Editing
$65 +Up
  • Cinematic Music Video Editing Services For You're Social Media Needs!
  • Effects Given: Transitions, Color Grading, Glitch Effect, Slow Motion and much more...
  • Delivery Within (72hrs)
    Three Days
    With [3] Revision Included
  • Please message us before buying, So we can discuss footage and arrangement.

We Proudly Support

ImageLine - FL Studio 20
Presonus Studio One 5
Harrison 32C
iZotope - Award-Winning Audio Software
KRK Rokit 8
Antares - AutoTune Kings
Slate Digital

What Clients Say About Us!!

I worked with Scooppa a few years back in his Chinatown location in Houston, Texas, it was a great experience, he was willing to cater to my needs and get my project out in a timely matter. He also edited some promo video footage for one of my songs I was collaborating with some guys down in Ecuador. Overall PainMuzik came though for me, Thanks!!
C-Los / JDO Records
Please send us your Testimonials at info@painmuzik.net today! Within the email include your Image - Artist Name - Company/Label/Etc - and your feedback! We will post it within 48hrs of receiving your email, Thanks!!!
Scooppa On Da Beat / PainMuzik
This spot could be yours, just contact us today and we will post your Testimonials here within 48hrs!!
Your Name Here / Vistor/Artist/Company


  • Northside Village - 5th Ward Area - Houston, Texas
  • +1 (713) 256-0705 Contact Us 24hrs 7 Days A Week
  • info@painmuzik.net

Top 10 Most Played Tracks

Tres De La Morning
Tres De La Morning
2109 plays

Tres De La Morning

Dirty Luv
Dirty Luv
Rap,Hip-Hop,R&B,Trap,Dirty South,Latin Trap
1759 plays

Dirty Luv

Rap,Hip-Hop,R&B,Pop,Trap,Latin,Gospel Rap,Dirty South,Anthem
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On My Back
On My Back
Rap,Hip-Hop,R&B,Trap,Latin,Gospel Rap,Film Movie,Dirty South,Latin Trap,Anthem
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On My Back

*SOLD* Mi Reggaeton
*SOLD* Mi Reggaeton
Hip-Hop,Reggeaton,Latin,Latin Trap,Funk Pop
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*SOLD* Mi Reggaeton

Shattered Dreams
Shattered Dreams
Rap,Hip-Hop,Dance,Techno,Film Movie,Dirty South,Anthem
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Shattered Dreams

I Got U by GUTTA
I Got U by GUTTA
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I Got U by GUTTA

She's Toxic
She's Toxic
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She's Toxic

Da Baby Type
Da Baby Type
Rap,Hip-Hop,Trap,Dirty South,Gangster
930 plays

Da Baby Type

Luving U
Luving U
Rap,R&B,Trap,Dirty South
908 plays

Luving U